Feed your need for speed by installing SSDs in RAID 0

Tired of waiting while your top-of-the-line SSD loads files? RAID 0 works far better with SSDs than it does with hard drives, because mechanical drives aren’t fast enough to take full advantage of the increased bandwidth. This tip is primarily … Continue reading

How to Disable Creation of Thumbs.db Windows

Thumbs.db, as its name states, is a file based database that stores thumbnails of image files, certain types of documents and video files, mostly for Windows Explorer’s thumbnail view. They are stored locally in each directory that contains thumbnails on … Continue reading

Turn Off Caching of Thumbnails

There are a couple of ways to turn off caching of thumbnails, one includes editing the registry and the other includes using the Local Group Policy Editor. I have edited the registry a million times and don’t mind doing that, … Continue reading

Turn the Preview Pane Off on Windows 7

You can use the preview pane in Windows Explorer to see the contents of most files. If you select an e‑mail message, text file, picture, or video for example, you can see a preview of its contents without opening it … Continue reading

Disable Thumbnail Previews in Windows 7

If you want to speed up browsing around in explorer, you might think about disabling thumbnail previews in folders. To make this change, go to Start -> Computer -> Organize -> Folder and Search Options Click the View tab, and … Continue reading

Network Adapter get disabled after resuming from sleep mode

Does your network adapter get disabled after resuming from sleep mode (wake up from sleep)? If yes, then we have a solution for you. Here is the quick rundown of the problem and its solution. By default Windows 7 will … Continue reading

Do You Really Need More Than 4GB of RAM?

  With the price of upgrading system RAM extremely low these days, people are always asking me whether it’s really worth it to upgrade beyond 4GB; today we’ll answer that question for everybody. More RAM Means Better Multi-Tasking First, let’s … Continue reading

Create a Local Account In Windows 10

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, and log in with your Microsoft account, you agree to share a lot of info with Microsoft. There are a benefits to using your Microsoft account as your login. It allows your to … Continue reading

4 Things To Do Before You Call Tech Support

Technicians love getting requests from clients, but here are a few thing you can do before you call. I will probably ask you to do these anyway… 1.) Restart the program, check to see if your issue persists 2.) Restart … Continue reading

Uninstalling the “Get Windows 10” update KB3035583

While many users are eager to get Windows 10, there are people who don’t want to. For them, the new “Get Windows 10” app is just annoying, pure and simple. If you are really serious about not wanting the “Get … Continue reading