Do You Really Need More Than 4GB of RAM?

  With the price of upgrading system RAM extremely low these days, people are always asking me whether it’s really worth it to upgrade beyond 4GB; today we’ll answer that question for everybody. More RAM Means Better Multi-Tasking First, let’s … Continue reading

Create a Local Account In Windows 10

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, and log in with your Microsoft account, you agree to share a lot of info with Microsoft. There are a benefits to using your Microsoft account as your login. It allows your to … Continue reading

4 Things To Do Before You Call Tech Support

Technicians love getting requests from clients, but here are a few thing you can do before you call. I will probably ask you to do these anyway… 1.) Restart the program, check to see if your issue persists 2.) Restart … Continue reading

Uninstalling the “Get Windows 10” update KB3035583

While many users are eager to get Windows 10, there are people who don’t want to. For them, the new “Get Windows 10” app is just annoying, pure and simple. If you are really serious about not wanting the “Get … Continue reading

How to Fix Windows Network Slow Problem?

1) Disable Autotuning will help much on DNS lookup and network discovery. It improves the data transfer speed also over the network. Start command prompt as administrator, and follow the commands as shown in below example. 2) Turn Off RDC … Continue reading

11 Windows 10 Tips

Disable sharing your bandwidth Start ‐> Settings ‐> Updates and Security ‐> Advanced ‐> Choose how updates are delivered ‐? Updates from more than one place turn OFF Turn ON system restore Control Panel ‐ System ‐ Advanced system settings … Continue reading

How to create a Windows 7 System Recovery USB flash drive

Step one: If you do not have a DVD drive, download the appropriate Windows 7 Recovery Disc image from Here. You will need a torrent client for this step, such as µTorrent. Alternatively, if you have a DVD drive, you … Continue reading

How to create a Windows 7 System Recovery Disc

Windows 7 makes it easy to create a System Recovery Disc if you already have Windows 7 installed and running. Step one: Click Start > All Programs > Maintenance > Create a System Repair Disc Step two: Insert a blank … Continue reading

How to Fix Windows 7 When It Fails to Boot

Whether caused by a virus, a new operating system or by simple mistake, being faced with an “Operating System not found” or similar error during your computer system’s boot up can be a nerve rattling experience. Assuming you have Microsoft’s … Continue reading