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If you have upgraded to Windows 10, and log in with your Microsoft account, you agree to share a lot of info with Microsoft. There are a benefits to using your Microsoft account as your login. It allows your to sync personalized settings, files in OneDrive, Windows Store apps, and more between Windows 10 devices.
However, you might want to create a local account instead. Maybe you need to create an account for someone in your household or small business who doesn’t have or need a Microsoft account.

First, you will need to be logged into your Windows 10 PC or device as Administrator.
Then right-click the Start menu to access the hidden power user menu, and select Run.

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Alternately you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R to bring up the Run box. Once you have it open, type: control userpasswords2 and hit Enter or click OK.

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The User Account screen will open — Click the Add button.

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The next screen will ask how this person will sign in. At the bottom of this screen select: Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended) and click Next.

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The next screen will describe the differences between a Microsoft account and a Local account. Select the Local account button at the bottom.

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Now you can enter in the user’s name, password, and password hint. Click Next.

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That’s it! Click Finish and the user is added.

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When creating a new user account, they will be a Standard user by default, which is better for security, but you can change it to Administrator if you’re creating the local account for yourself.

To do that, go to Settings > Accounts > Family & other users. From there click on the new user account you just created and then Change account type.

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Next just change the account type from Standard User to Administrator and click OK. Note that you can remove the account from here as well.

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