New update for Windows 10

Microsoft will start to push out the April 2018 Update to Windows 10. It’s a free upgrade to the operating system that makes lots of small tweaks and adds a bunch of new features.

Timeline – a nifty way to keep track of what files you were working on, when you were working on them, and from what devices.

Focus Assist – makes it so you see only the notifications you want to see while you’re working.

You can manually download the update straight from Microsoft through the Windows Update tool on Monday. Otherwise, Windows 10 will start bugging you to upgrade beginning on May 8 and pushing it out as part of the regular update process.


The flagship new feature is Timeline that lets you go back as far as 30 days to see what file you were working on and when you were working on it.  It also works with Microsoft’s mobile apps. If you read a website on the Microsoft Edge browser on iOS or Android, it’ll appear in your Windows 10 Timeline. Of course, that means you’d need to use Microsoft Edge.

Focus Assist, which gives you lots of settings to customize your notificationsl.

Nearby Sharing, which lets you quickly share photos and videos to other Windows 10 computers that are, nearby.

The Edge browser on Windows 10 is getting a handful of upgrades too:

• You can now mute and unmute sound coming from browser tabs, as you can with Google Chrome.

• Books and PDFs in Edge can now be viewed in full-screen mode.

• For online shopping, Edge can save your address to quickly fill out forms.

• Most intriguingly, a new grammar tool will help younger readers — or anybody who just needs a little help — make sense of the web by breaking the words into syllables and highlighting nouns and other parts of speech.