Breathe New Life into your Slowing Computer

Did you know that after optimizing the amount of memory in your computer (PC or Mac) a relatively simple SSD upgrade can breathe new life into your slowing computer? You paid good money for that machine that you rely on every day but it’s starting to run a bit slow.

Often the cause of this is the sheer amount of data that you have loaded, the applications that you are concurrently running and the operating system updates.

The slowest component in your computer is the hard drive. It’s an electro-mechanical device with motors that spin and arms that have to move back and forth to keep up with what you are currently working on.

A number of years ago solid state drives (SSD) started dropping in price. Think of them as a really large thumb drive/USB stick.

What size drive should I get for my SSD upgrade?

That depends on how much space you are currently using on your existing HDD (hard disk drive).

To save money on the SSD upgrade you could get one closer in size to the amount of space you are currently using plus say  25% extra or you could just get one the same size as is currently installed assuming it’s not already quite full. Before I upgraded mine, I took the opportunity to do some housekeeping by removing backups of backups and by moving a lot of the space hogs like photos and videos to cloud storage. I then based my size decision on what the usage was after the cleanup exercise.

If you are a doing an SSD upgrade on a desktop computer then you can keep your current drive as a mass storage device and then install a smaller SSD as your boot drive containing the operating system and all of your applications.

Is it worth doing an SSD upgrade?

On the one hand you look at your 3-5 year old computer and think I really don’t feel inclined to buy another one but an increase in performance would be great.

On the other hand you wonder if spending any money on an older machine is worth while and if the money you would need to spend on the SSD upgrade could be put towards a new SSD based machine instead.

Power consumption of the SSD is quite a bit lower than an HDD so you can expect some improvement in battery life as well

Considering upgrading your current computer standard hard drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD)

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