Keep Facebook From Spying on You Without Deleting Your Account

You can protect yourself from some of Facebook’s worst tendencies without cutting it out of your life entirely. 

Mozilla’s new Facebook Container Extension will let you use the social network almost completely like normal while also disabling its ability to track you in particularly unsavory ways. Once you set up the extension, Firefox deletes all your Facebook information from itself and only connects to Facebook from inside a software “container.” The practical result is that you can look through a sort of one-way mirror to see into Facebook, but Firefox keeps Facebook from looking out.

This helps protect your privacy, but it does come with a few downsides. It may break services if you log into them with Facebook and it will break “Like” and “Share” buttons that are embedded on non-Facebook pages. Of course, that’s part of how Facebook tracks you around the web, so it’s a feature not a bug.

If you’re serious about your privacy, it might be wise to make the jump to Mozilla’s Firefox anyway. Perhaps more importantly, as a non-profit company that makes the lion’s share of its money through search engine royalties, Mozilla can actually afford to take your privacy seriously.