Why you should consider a Battery Backup for your desktop computer.

Important electronics that help you run your computer can shut down during electrical surges or outages and brownouts. By implementing a battery backup or an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) you can avoid losing unsaved data or harming the electronics.

The windstorm Snoqualmie Valley experienced first week of November 2021 has harmed many desktop computers.  Most could have been prevented by having a Battery Backup.

Preventing your computer from losing power is important for several reasons:

  • Sudden loss of power can corrupt operating systems installation, which can result in costly repairs.
  • Power loss can harm or weaken the internal parts of your computer. It is also possible they can be completely damaged causing the need for replacement.
  • If your computer loses power while you are using it, you will lose any unsaved work which can be detrimental and result in rework and higher labor costs.

Your computers and other devices are a large investment, ensuring you have consistent and regulated electricity flowing to the device is key to extending the longevity of your devices while also ensuring the safety of your data and work from power surges and outages.

Please consider a simple Battery Backup like the following APC shipped by Amazon.

APC UPS Battery Backup Surge Protector