Linux Mint – Installing Remmina

Remmina is used to RDP on Linux Mint computer to access Windows computer. Remmina is a lightweight software that can be easily installed on Linux Mint operating system.  

Step 01, Run a system update

Sudo apt update

Step 02, Install Remmina on the Linux Mint computer

Sudo apt install remmina

Step 03, Run Remmina

After the installation, the program can be started from the Application launcher. Go to the Linux Mint Start button and search for Remmina, as its icon appear, click to run the same.

Now, from the Remmina interface select the RDP protocol and then type the IP address of the Windows system that you want to access remotely on Linux Mint. After that hit the Enter key.

Finally, once the connection is established you will see a window asking you to enter the username and password of the remote system. After that, you will have your remote Windows system’s display on your Linux Mint PC to access it.