Who is Valley Computer Systems?

Valley Computer Systems has been providing on-site computer repair to Duvall Washington and surrounding areas since 2006.

Virus removal, data recovery, small business computer consulting and remote computer repair are my specialties. On-site computer repair means I come to you to resolve all your computer problems.

Offering Remote Computer Support since 2013, allowing for Same-Day computer repair.

Valley Computer Systems is owned by Jeff Tilton a Computer Systems Engineer. I am focused on service and quality, all of my work is guaranteed. If you need computer repair, computer service or have any technology problem I can fix it.  Feel free to give me a call 206.730.1111.

Thanks again,

Jeff Tilton


Earners of the CompTIA A+ certification are proven problem solvers who are able to perform critical IT support tasks including device configuration, data backup and recovery, and operating system configuration. CompTIA A+ certified professionals have demonstrated baseline security skills for IT support roles and are able to detect and remove malware, address privacy concerns, and troubleshoot core service challenges.